Ningaloo Reef is one of the Earth's last ocean paradises. Situated 1300km north of Perth, Western Australia, this unique World Heritage listed area boasts stunning marine and terrestrial ecosystems, easily accessed via the town of Exmouth and the adjacent Cape Range National Park.

Home to Junigudera and Baiyungu people for over 36 000 years, ‘Ningaloo/Nyinggulu’ is a Jinigudera word meaning ‘promontory’. Today ‘Ningaloo/Nyinggulu’ is used to refer to the broad area encompassing Ningaloo Reef and the coastal areas adjacent to it.

The Jinigudera and Baiyungu are a coastal, or saltwater, people, part of an incredibly complex culture which is inextricably tied to place. Materials uncovered from an archaeological dig in a rock shelter in Cape Range National Park indicate that Aboriginal people have been living along the coast for at least 36 000 years, possibly much longer. Exmouth Adventure Co acknowledges that our tours operate on Jinigudera country and we ask all visitors to respect the amazing natural environment, culture and history of Ningaloo/Nyinggulu.

The fringing reef of Ningaloo stretches for 300km from Exmouth Gulf in the north to Red Bluff in the south. As one of the longest and most pristine fringing reefs in the world, the amazing snorkelling opportunities, mere metres from the beach, are a massive drawcard for domestic and international tourists. The Ningaloo Marine Park encompasses a massive 5,000 square kilometres of ocean, boasting extraordinary biodiversity, with over 500 species of fish and over 200 species of coral in all.

Ningaloo is increasingly becoming famous world-wide for the opportunity to swim with Whale Sharks in their natural environment (late March to July); its superb turquoise lagoons; fantastic snorkelling; sea kayaking; and now the opportunity to swim with Humpback Whales (August to October).

Exmouth Adventure Co's tours all take place within the Ningaloo Marine Park, which is part of the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area. Below for a quick guide to each of our tours, or visit our HOME PAGE for more information:

Half Day TURTLE TOUR: Kayak & Snorkel tour in the Bundegi Sanctuary Zone, Ningaloo Marine Park (Exmouth Gulf side). If you would like to see turtles in their natural environment, this beginner and family-friendly tour is for you.

Half Day CORAL BY KAYAK: Kayak & Snorkel tour in the Tantabiddi Sanctuary Zone, Ningaloo Marine Park. Use your kayak as a vehicle to access these incredibly diverse and healthy coral gardens to snorkel from your kayak.

Half Day HISTORY & HERITAGE TOUR: Sightseeing tour. Journey through time with your guide as we visit Charles Knife Canyon, the Potshot Memorial, Mildura Shipwreck, Jurabi Turtle Centre and Vlamingh Head Lighthouse

Full Day LAGOON EXPLORER: Sea Kayak & Snorkel tour with various locations in Ningaloo Marine Park and Cape Range National Park. If you want to get off the beaten track and immerse yourself in the turquoise magic of Ningaloo by kayak and snorkel, this is the tour for you.

Full Day NINGALOO IN A DAY: Guided hike and snorkel tour. Yardie Creek Gorge, Turquoise Bay, Milyering Visitor Centre & Vlamingh Head Lighthouse. Our eagle-eyed guides will be with you every step of the way ensuring that you see the absolute best of Ningaloo in a day.

Full Day NINGALOO REEF SNORKEL ADVENTURE: Guided snorkel tour visiting Turquoise Bay drift and either Lakeside or Oyster Stacks. Perfect for those that would like to benefit from the knowledge and safety of having a local guide by their side.

Sea kayaking Ningaloo reef
Sea kayaking adventure Ningaloo reef
Snorkelling Ningaloo reef

2-Day SEA KAYAK, SNORKEL & BEACH CAMPOUT: Sea Kayaking and snorkelling tour over 2 days in Ningaloo Marine Park, with one night camping amongst the sand dunes at a wilderness site in Cape Range National Park. An unforgettable short break or intro to expeditioning by sea kayak.

3-Day REEF & BEACH Tour: Sea kayaking and snorkelling tour over 3 days in Ningaloo Marine Park, camping amongst the sand dunes at wilderness sites in Cape Range National Park. An incredible immersive escape.

4-Day NINGALOO ODYSSEY: TREK & KAYAK EXPEDITION: Trekking, sea kayaking and snorkelling tour in Cape Range National Park and Ningaloo Marine Park. For those that would like to get off the beaten track and experience a side of Ningaloo that few have seen before. This is a real adventure!

5-Day ULTIMATE SAFARI Tour: Sea kayaking, snorkelling and hiking tour over 5 days and 5 nights in Ningaloo Marine Park and Cape Range National Park. The ultimate way to experience all of the nature, wildlife, raw and exhilarating beauty of Ningaloo, with the comfort of an established base camp.

5-Day DAMPIER ARCHIPELAGO & MURUJUGA SEA KAYAKING EXPEDITION: Sea kayaking, snorkelling and island camping expedition in Murujuga National Park and Dampier Archipelago (near Karratha WA). An incredible cultural and natural immersion, paddling amongst one of the largest outdoor art galleries in the world.

Hiking Yardie Creek Gorge
Camping from your sea kayak under the stars
Snorkelling with a turtle at Ningaloo reef

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