Summer Sunset Turtle Watching Tour

Ningaloo Coast sunset | Observe nesting turtles | Stargazing

Accompany our experienced and informative guides for an evening of turtle watching and star gazing in the Jurabi Coastal Park, situated on the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Coast.

Enjoy a light snack and cool drink as you watch the sunset and learn about one of the world’s most important turtle rookeries, the turtle watching ‘Code of Conduct’, and how you can become an ambassador for the conservation of marine turtle species world-wide.

Following sunset, we move out onto the beach to put all of our new-found knowledge into practice, as we attempt to observe the nesting habits of female turtles.

There will also be the opportunity to enjoy some of the world’s best stargazing in the unspoiled dark skies of Ningaloo (dependent on the phase of the moon).

This is a fully guided tour; your guides will be with you every step of the way. You will need an average level of fitness and mobility for ‘commando crawling’ on the beach for viewing nesting turtles close up, however if you choose not to participate in this activity, you can simply observe from further away.


Beach based turtle nesting/viewing, sunset and star gazing tour


3.5 to 4 hours


Pick up/drop off from Exmouth accommodation | Drinks and nibbles to enjoy as the sun sets | Red lights for viewing wildlife at night to avoid disturbance | Binoculars and star maps for star gazing


November 15 to February 15


Jurabi Coastal Park, Ningaloo Coast, Exmouth WA


Adult: $130 | Children (5-17): $115 | Family (2 Adults + 2 Children): $420* Additional children $99*

(*Direct bookings only. Please contact us for other family/group rates)


This tour will run with a minimum of 4 guests, and a maximum of 10. We can cater for larger groups or offer custom tours. Please contact us to discuss.


Minimum age is 5 years old. This tour involves a moderate level of physical activity - an average level of fitness and mobility is recommended. Crawling through sand to view turtle nesting activity close up is required. You may choose to opt out of this activity, and view turtles from further away.


Pick up from Exmouth accommodation around 6.15pm (exact pick up time will be confirmed at time of booking).

Turtle emerging from the ocean on turtle viewing tour Exmouth Ningaloo
Turtle crawling up the beach on turtle viewing tour Exmouth Ningaloo
Turtle emerging from the ocean on turtle viewing tour Exmouth Ningaloo
Your Tour Begins...

With pick up from your Exmouth accommodation just before 6.30pm. Once we have everyone on board, your guide will start the drive (approx 20 minutes) to the Jurabi Coastal Park - the site of your Summer Sunset Turtle Viewing Tour. Along the way, you'll learn about the interesting history of Exmouth and the NW Cape; your guide will give you an introduction to the species of marine turtles that nest here, and the importance of the turtle rookery; and you'll get an introduction to the 'Turtle Watcher's Code of Conduct', which gives us important guidelines on how we can best enjoy this natural phenomenon without disturbing the nesting turtles.

You'll arrive at the beach in time to enjoy a west coast sunset, and your guide will prepare some drinks and nibbles to enjoy, while you chat about what happens next! Once it's dark, your guide will lead you down to the beach, where you'll wait in anticipation of seeing some female turtles start the journey up the beach to lay their eggs.

In the meantime, the star gazing opportunities are phenomenal, and your guide can point out some constellations as you scan the sky for satellites or shooting stars.

If we are lucky, we'll witness a turtle laying her eggs, and your guide will ensure that we do this whilst minimising disturbance. It's an incredible thing to witness, and once you learn about the lifecycle of these amazing creatures you'll find that you want to tell everyone how important it is that we protect the undeveloped critical habitat along the Ningaloo Coast.


Download the Turtle Watching Code of Conduct HERE

Turtle emerging from the ocean on turtle viewing tour Exmouth Ningaloo
Turtle crawling up the beach on turtle viewing tour Exmouth Ningaloo
Turtle emerging from the ocean on turtle viewing tour Exmouth Ningaloo


  • Attempt to observe the nesting habits of Ningaloo’s marine turtles in an environmentally sensitive way
  • Enjoy star gazing in the unspoiled dark skies (dependent on moon phase)
  • Learn how you can become a ‘turtle ambassador’, and help our guides collect valuable data on turtle nesting activity on the Ningaloo Coast
  • Sunset viewing with drinks and nibbles prepared by your guide
  • Small group tour, with a maximum of 10 participants


  • Qualified and informative guide
  • Snacks and a beverage to enjoy while watching the sunset
  • Binoculars and star maps for star gazing
  • Red lights for viewing wildlife at night without disturbance
  • Pick up/drop off from your Exmouth accommodation


  • Drinking water
  • Enclosed footwear (this is essential, as we are walking around on the beach at night)
  • Please come dressed in clothing suitable for crawling on the beach in sand, and bring a warmer layer for after sunset

Please Note:

  • No artificial light is to be used during the turtle nesting portion of this tour. This includes phone/camera screens. Your guide will have a red light to use, this minimises disturbance to wildlife


Is this tour family friendly?

Yes, this is a recommended tour for families to enjoy together as it is suitable for the whole family. However, observing nesting turtles can require us to be patient and sit relatively still to be successful, so 5 years old is our minimum age for children

How many people will be on the tour?

We will run the tour with a minimum of 6 people, and usually have no more than 10 people. We can cater for larger groups and provide customised tours, please contact us for more info.

What if I am physically unable to crawl in the sand?

If you are unable to crawl in the sand to watch a nesting turtle lay her eggs up close, it is possible to observe from further back without crawling.

Do I need to bring a torch to enjoy this tour?

No, we won’t be using torches on this tour, as artificial light can disturb the natural behaviour of nesting turtles. Your guide will provide a red light for the group, which minimises disturbance to wildlife.

Can I bring my camera or phone to take photos?

Yes, the sunset is definitely worth taking photos of. However, once we walk onto the beach, we recommend leaving your phone or camera locked securely in our van. This is because we will be crawling through the sand, and the artificial light of your phone or camera screen could potentially disturb the nesting activity of the turtles. If you must bring your phone, you will need to download a red light app, so your screen emits a red light to minimise disturbance.

Why do I need to wear enclosed footwear?

We will be walking on the beach in the dark, where there is a risk of stepping on sharp objects like shells, rocks, coral debris and vegetation. It is non-negotiable that our guests and guides wear enclosed footwear -  if you happen to injure your foot during this tour, we would have to use an artificial light source to assess and treat your injury, which would compromise the rest of the tour.

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